How to use NFC Tag for your Business

Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, part of  Physical Web, is a common element in our life: contactless payments are a simple example of the practical use of this technology.

NFC allows to transmit data in a bidirectional  manner for short distance ( few cm) between two devices.

NFC Tags

NFC Tags are simple chips available in kind of shape for really few money ( minus of 1$ per chip). These chips can be programmed to save data o get run some special actions on the device that opens the communication, for ex. a smartphone ( at the moment any modern smartphone has a NFC chip inside .

One of the most important feature about NFC Tag is the fact that they work without any battery, then they don’t have any cost of ownership.

Business Applications with NFC Tags

Mean of NFC Tags you can open a web page o run a specific mobile app on the smartphone; so you can enable almost any type of business to use this technology. Just show up some useful case studies ( that we have builded) :

  • Store : you can use NFC Tags to share more information about a product like technical whitepapers or food data; furthermore NFC Tag can be used to let the customers fill a user form to get a fidelity card.
  • Museum: you can apply a NFC Tag to a piece of art, to a special room or place and let the visitors get more information or run an audioguide.
  • Services: NFC tags can share  credentials to a Wi-Fi network in a coffee, validate coupons or verify you reach a specific place.

There are a lot of applications for NFC Tag for business use. Contact us for more information.

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