Ionic 4 Course

Ionic 4 is a SDK used to build Mobile App and Progressive Web App in a Cross Platform way. Thanks to the Ionic 4 Course you will learn the whole framework, you will know hot to use components to let your Mobile App has special shape and functionalities.

For any kind of companies it is possible to have a tailored solution by contacting us and letting us know some information ( like date, partecipants number, special requests about  work hours, days, payments, etc…)

Ionic 4 Course

Duration of the course: 4 days (20 hours OnAir with custom sessions)
Timetable: Normal working hours with possibility of hourly flexibility and weekend.
Mode: OnSite with teacher, OnAir(Videocall 1-to-1 with the teacher)
Where: onsite at the host company around the world or OnAir
Prerequisites: basic knowledge of HTML and CSS.
OnAir Session Cost: € 1890.00 + VAT per person.
OnSite Session at Company: starting from € 6950.00 for 4 days of course up to 8 students. For companies that have access to funds it is possible to pay all or part of the course with this loan. Contact us now for a free quote and more information.
Payments Sessions: 50% down payment, 50% at the end of supply. Possibility agreement on different ways.
Payment method: Bank transfer
Course Objective: The goal of the 4 days is to provide the necessary knowledge to develop Mobile App and Progressive Web App thanks to Ionic 4, using every aspect of the framework and using cross-building techniques. Through the Ionic 4 Course, the participant will acquire the elements and the work environment to create Mobile Apps. Each day is organized with theoretical lessons about the topics and guided exercises designed for, which aim to bring every participants towards the “know how”. The development of an application of our creation (it can also be an application of the host company) and a series of code snippets studied in order to create knowledge will be used as the main theme.
Material: In the best delivery the course should take place with the participants who have their own laptop in order to be familiar with the code, actively participate in the exercises and keep for the future the development environment to work on.

  • Day 1. Introduction to Ionic and Cordova, Angular CLI, Ionic CLI, Cordova CLI, Ionic CSS Framework, Ionic Component, Building Apps, Ionic Starters, Ionic Creator, Ionic Services, Services, Angular Building Tool
  • Day 2. Directive, Web Components, Pages, Service e Pipe, Navigation vs Routing, Ionic Integration with external API, Components and Pages Integration, Custom Elements, Shadow DOM
  • Day 3. Ionic Cordova Plugin, Ionic Native, GPS, Camera, Push Notifications, Other Plugins, Not Standard Plugins, Ionicons, Native API, CSS Variables
  • Day 4. Mobile  Architecture with Ionic, Polyfill, UNIT and E2E Test.  How to build a plugin, modify and create plugins, Store Deploy.

Ionic 4 Advanced optional day

Activated only on specific request, costs to be defined based on the number of participants.
The 4 days Course give an in-depth overview of the entire framework and will allow users to produce Ionic 4 applications. The optional day is designed to deepen course or extra-curricular topics, learn how to sketch Ionic 4 applications, deal with some topics that rarely meet typically in daily development and which still require a solid background. With this additional day we provide the developer with something more that allows him to supervise other developers (or external suppliers) and be a software architect in the initial stages of the development of an application.
Optional day program: Insights: Components, API, Theming, Ionic Design 4 and Sketching App, examples and use cases. Bugfixing, practical examples. For OnSite courses it is possible to modify the program to orient it towards elements of greater value for the hosting company (IoT integration, Version Migration, Cloud Development …)

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